Sunday, January 22, 2012

Roe, Roe and Bread


Today is the 39th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and I was going to do the NARAL "Blog for Choice" thing, but for some reason, I can't get the "Blog for Choice" banner/button thing to work on my blog, and I don't feel like wasting any more time messing with it.

NARAL wants people to answer the question: What will you do to help elect pro-choice candidates in 2012?

The answer, of course, is nothing, because I live outside the U.S. and vote by absentee ballot which probably doesn't even get counted. I am not wealthy enough to contribute anything that would make a difference to any politician, nor am I physically present to host fundraisers or pass out leaflets. I don't even have a car, upon which to affix a bumper sticker.

What I am doing: I am going about my life, being pro-choice, and explaining why to anyone who will listen.

I have never had an abortion, but I know I would, in certain situations. It frankly terrifies me, that all of the Republican presidential candidates want to criminalize a procedure that I believe I would have.

I have friends who are pro-life, and have said to me, "You don't KNOW for sure what you would do -- no one really knows, until they're in the situation. You wouldn't go through with it!" They seem quite sure that I would change my mind at the last minute.

So I say to them, "If you don't know for sure what you would do, and no one really knows, until they're in the situation, how can you be so sure what YOU would do?"

To which they say, "I know in my heart I would NEVER..." and I say, "Well, I know in my heart I WOULD."

And there it is. The personal becoming the political.


The tarako, or cod roe, pictured in the post below this is actually quite delicious.

My mother-in-law makes a huge pot of it every year, but I've never seen her make it because it's always ready when we get there,

This year, she made extra, and told me and Hub to eat a lot of it before Jan. 1.

So we did -- we each had a huge serving of it for lunch one day.

We forgot that my mother-in-law, like so many Kyoto people, doesn't quite mean what she says. There's the old joke that when someone from Kyoto says, "Come on it, stay a while," what they really mean is, "Go away!"

She was appalled that we ate so much of her tarako, and fretted that there wasn't enough for the morning feast on New Year's Day.

I noticed that on Jan. 1, everyone else had some cod roe in a dish at their place -- except me. There wasn't enough to go around, and I guess she figured I'd already had my share? But Hub had eaten just as much as I had, and she had still given him some.

I didn't say anything. I know life isn't fair, and it's even less fair in a household where time is standing still sometime in the early Showa era.


Tonight, I decided to finally use what I learned at the breadmaking class, and took the plunge.

The result was nicely crunchy on the outside but a bit gummy on the inside. I will have to tweak the recipe in further attempts, but at least it was edible:


Blogger winecat said...

Roe 1 with you 100%, no one knows what they would do until they face to have the choice.

Roe 2 I'm glad you like it.

Bread beautiful

1:03 PM  
Anonymous corita said...

I faced an unplanned pregnancy: single, 2000 miles from home and teaching in a Catholic school no less. The father: a brilliant man who was (and is) semi-homeless, and in the throes of major depression and alcohol addiction. Also at that time carrying guns because of some local feud between rival gangs.

Anyhoo, I guess what I wanted to say is that, I wanted to be *able* to have an abortion. My "heart" was terrified, and wanted a way out.

But I have an intellectual belief in the wrongness of abortion. No matter how I felt, I knew I could not choose against my conscience.

Lucky for me, I had a supportive family and many options. I knew what they were, too. Not all women have that, and for those reasons, and many more, I tell my fellow pro-lifers that they should speak only very humbly and carefully about women who might seek abortion. And never, NEVER assume.

It's not always about the "heart", or maybe, people mean different things by that term.

2:32 PM  

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